How to Take Care of a Baby Cat

Cat litters are very common, especially in spring, so surely at some point in your life you will see cute kittens in a field or street. There is a dilemma when you find yourself in these situations or if you see kittens in animal shelters, because even if you are just looking for one to welcome into your home, you will surely know that these animals are very sensitive and you have to be aware of what a cat needs. Baby cat and how to care for it for optimal health and life.

So, if you want to know how to take care of a baby cat, we recommend you keep reading because in this article we tell you everything, so that with these tips you can make your little feline grow up happy.

The arrival home of the baby cat and its care

Have you ever wondered how to care for an abandoned or weaned baby cat? Here we give you some tips for the arrival of the kitten at home and its care:

When you adopt a small cat, it will surely be shy, since it does not know where it is. Do not worry and give him time to get acquainted with his new home.

  • It is important that the temperature is adequate, since a small cat needs a higher temperature than an adult cat. To provide the right temperature you can place it in a box with blankets or in a bed or igloo that is in a quiet place without drafts.
  • A very frequent question is also how long it takes for a baby cat to adapt to its new home. Well, if you notice that your puppy is scared or is hiding, don’t worry, surely little by little he will approach you and lose his fear. It is important that you do not go after him to catch him if he does not want to, since he will be overwhelmed and hide even more, give him time to adapt and he will surely be the one to go by your side. This time depends on each one, so it may take a few days or a few weeks.
  • You can lure him with toys or treats and reward him when he gets close so he associates you as something good and sees that there is no danger.
  • If your kitten is less than a month old or is a newborn cat, put it in a place where it cannot get out to prevent it from hurting itself or hitting itself, since cats are born with their eyes closed .After 2 weeks or around a month, he will be the one who wants to go out and play and run.
  • The care of a two-month-old cat is usually simpler, since, as we will explain later, it will eat almost all its food on its own.

How to feed a baby cat

Feeding a baby cat is one of the most important points in learning to care for a one-month-old or newborn cat, since its health and its strong growth will depend on it. So if you are wondering what to give a baby cat, keep reading carefully. As you know, puppies feed on milk until they are 2-3 months old and, from then on, you can gradually introduce other types of food.

  • Before you start giving your cat milk, if it still needs it, you should know that under no circumstances should you give it cow’s milk, since it does not have the necessary nutrients and damages their stomachs, producing diarrhea and vomiting, especially in cats. Newborn cats.
  • The ideal is to buy milk for baby cats in powder format. This is special for them and is sold at pet stores or veterinarians. This milk should be at about 37 degrees and offered with a cat bottle or syringe.
  • Depending on the age of the baby, it will have to be fed every three hours, decreasing the dose as it grows. When a baby cat is hungry, it usually meows in search of its food.
  • From a month and a half to two months you can start to include feed in your diet. You can buy baby cat food and wet it with water so that it gets used to it, you can also offer it cans of wet cat food.