Our Kittens

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Our kittens are the most important thing for us, for this reason, future owners must accept these conditions:

Kittens will leave for their new homes around 12 weeks of age, not earlier.

Companion kittens give us the option of sterilizing them, in our trusted place and where we have been doing it for a long time, to make this step easier for families.

Companion cat pedigrees will be restricted for breeding.

A reservation will be made so that the kitten is not given to another adopter, a reservation that will be subtracted from the final fee (for veterinary expenses and maintenance) for adopting the kitten.

Our kittens are delivered vaccinated with two doses of trivalent and correctly dewormed before delivery. They are delivered with their vaccination card and/or European passport.

A certificate of good health signed and stamped by a licensed veterinarian days before the delivery of the kitten is delivered with the kitten. If a delivery day has been projected, and the veterinarian does not certify its good health, the delivery will be postponed until it can be certified.

Our kittens are accompanied by a transfer/adoption contract signed by both parties, in which there are a series of conditions that both must meet.

Our kittens are accompanied by a welcome kit.

We will always be available for any doubt, advice, question or comment for adopters.

We want to be in contact with new families for life, kittens are part of our family and we never forget them.

We reserve the right to refuse the agreed delivery of the kitten at any time before the final delivery of the kitten, in which case the full amount of the reservation will be refunded.