The Cattery

Cat Cats Feline - Free photo on Pixabay

Located in LA, California, Auntie-Em Felines and More is a small family breeder created by Exotic cats enthusiasts. From the moment you discover this family breeding, installed in a house that exudes happiness, you will instantly fall in love.

A unique cat farm in the North of France

Always fascinated by felines, we discovered with wonder this little leopard endowed with a rare beauty. Since then, we have taken great care and ensure the comfort of each of our Exotic cat lovers.

Before joining your family, our kittens flourish fully within our home. This very good education and this family atmosphere endow our cats with an exceptional character. Indeed, the latter, both lively and playful, will bring love and tenderness to your life.

Come and discover the Exotic cat in LA, California

Our Exotic kittens receive all the care from birth. They are sociable and will happily play with anyone who visits them. Currently, we are expecting births from wonderful marriages. These future kittens will inherit the beauty and exceptional character of their parents. Come and discover our breeding females and males

Passionate Exotic cat breeder in LA, California

A lifelong cat lover, professional and passionate breeder, Elisabeth Chauchard offers you family-bred, sociable and healthy kittens. In compliance with hygiene and health standards, Auntie-Em Felines and Morecat breeding in the North ensures the comfort and well-being of its felines.