What to Do When You Find a Stray Cat

Have you ever come across a stray cat and you didn’t know how to react to the situation? Has the desire to adopt this little companion crossed your mind? But you don’t know if he already has a master?

If the cat you discovered is injured, it is the responsibility of the municipality. In this case, you must call the municipal pound or call the fire department. The cat will then be taken to the nearest on-call veterinarian so that he can be examined.

If the cat is identified, the care will be taken care of by its owner. If it is not identifiable, the municipality makes the most appropriate decision, depending on the seriousness of the injuries. Most often, the care is taken care of by the municipality, the animal is then entrusted to the pound.

If the cat is not injured, call the pound if you don’t know how to catch it. If he comes to you, take him to a veterinarian so he can reach the owners. If the cat is not identified, and you wish to adopt it, make an appointment with the veterinarian so that he can check that he is in perfect health and that everything is in order.

If the critters you encounter are kittens , only touch them if they look disoriented, dirty, or skinny. In this case, they were abandoned. There are two solutions:
– You can entrust them to a specialized association
– adopt them and try to save them

Be careful, however, you must be careful if you decide to adopt the animal. You must first check its health by taking it to a veterinarian to examine it and vaccinate it.
In terms of acclimatization, even if the cat has accepted the fact of living with you, it will take time before it fully integrates into your life. When he arrives, you are advised to reserve a separate room for him with litter, food and water so that he is comfortable. By dint of living in your house, your new companion will gradually make it his territory until he is completely acclimatized to his new life.

If you have other pets, it is all the more advisable to isolate the newcomer. Indeed, it must acclimatize to a new place, and also to new companions. Likewise for the animal you already have, it may not want to see a new being take its place in its territory.

You have to be patient and proceed in stages. Don’t forget that everything is new for him!